Portraits, since they are replicas, created over time from borrowed genetic information, function in this world very much like individuals and take on a kind of personality.

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The Honorable Thomas J. Bliley, Jr.

(1995) 48 x 36

Collection: U.S. Capitol Historical Society, U.S House of Representatives

Arthur Ashe

(1993) 48 x 32

Collection: Smithsonian Institution, National Portrait Gallery

Dr. Percy Wootton

President, American Medical Association 1997

(1997) 28 x 22

Collection: Henrico Doctor's Hospital
Collection: Louisa County Courthouse (copy)

Dr. Randall Bremer

(1996) 40 x 30

Collection: St. Giles Presbyterian Church

Fr. Thomas P. O'Malley,

President Emeritus LMU

(1999) 40 x 30

Collection: Loyola Marymount University

Prof. Balmer Kelly

(1998) 30 x 25

Collection: Union Theological Seminary

Mr. Bud Chernoff

(1986) 30 x 30

Collection: Nappe-Babcock Corporation

Dr. Allix B. James

President Emeritus Virginia Union University

(1993) 36 x 36

Collection: Virginia Union University

Dr. John L. Thornton

(1997) 28 x 22

Collection: Johnston-Willis Hospital